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Cropping Examples

Original Image

Original Image: This image represents the original image. If you size your image to the exact size and aspect ratio as the size of the poster you are ordering, your image will completely fill the print as shown by the dotted line.
Crop to Fill

Crop to Fill: If one dimension of your image (width or height) is less than the shortest dimension of the poster you order, we will enlarge or reduce your image and center it on the print. Part of your image will be cropped out on either the top/bottom or two sides. This method is also known as center cropping, since the image will be centered over the print area.
No Cropping

No Cropping: Fits the longest dimension of your image (height or width) to the longest dimension of the poster and adjust the other dimension accordingly, to maintain the original aspect ratio. Your poster will have blank white areas (either top/bottom or the two sides) but no part of your image will be cropped out.

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